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With seventy years of aviation experience, we are taking the challenge head on.  The skies offer better immediate wins with fewer unregulated craft and our solution is cheaper to deploy that other networks with greater industry requirements of the aviation positional data.

Trillions of drones, air taxis and manned mobility vehicles are stuck as no-one has cracked the autonomy problem, especially when not all current aircraft can be seen.

Without a collective infrastructure to see all current manned platforms, e.g. aircraft, digitally native ones such as drones can’t integrate nor have  the resilience needed for the approval of their collision avoidance systems.

To solve this problems requires domain-level expertise in unmanned aircraft, extant traffic management, policy and manned aviation alongside decentralised software architecture.  Neuron brings and deliberately overlaps this with over seventy years of experience to solve this problem.

Neuron is all about a decentralised community-driven platform of sensors to facilitate manned traffic detection.  The competition is therefore centralised and state-solutions.

Neuron’s solution isn’t a stand alone product, but akin to the water industry of maintenance and operational costs into a bill, our fee is embedded in data supplier fees.  We are the Visa equivalent of the mobility transactional network for data.

No.  If we were we would be competing with the exact data consumers who need that regulatory approved data to provide services to drone and aircraft operators in the future.  It’s also why we believe the word UTM will be phased out (see CAP 2262).

Purely for interest, our preference is the concept of Remotely Crewed Air Traffic Management (RC-ATM).  As all aircraft for the foreseeable future will have a pilot at the controls in some manner and there is no delineation between where such unmanned aircraft will operate – and by definition nor is there for our solution.

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